Hunnia Filmstudio Budapest Hungary

Founded in 1957, Hunnia is one of the biggest and most renowned studios of the Hungarian film industry. Due to its professionalism, dynamism and sensibility regarding new ideas, the studio has been highly successful throughout its nearly fifty years of existence. It has always been open towards creative artists and young filmmakers representing the most different new trends.

The Studio, where the most acknowledged Hungarian artists directed their films and where traditionally more productions were completed than anywhere else, is presently the copyright owner of 350 features films, short films, and documentaries. Many directors made their award winning movies in Hunnia e.g. István Szabó Budapest Tales, Márta Mészáros Nine Months and Anna, Zoltán Huszárik Csontváry, Pál Sándor Daniel Takes a Train or Géza Bereményi The Midas Touch, just to name a few.

Hunnia has produced annually 2-3 high quality feature films and documentaries. Among its recent productions there are titles like Noah’s Ark by Pál Sándor, Railroad Junkies by András Szőke, Opium / Diary of a Mad Woman by János Szász, and among its latest films The Last Report on Anna by Márta Mészáros.

Hunnia’s managing director Pál Sándor, the creative force of the company initiating and realizing complex domestic and international productions. Pál Sándor is a 24-time award winning film director and producer of over 30 movies. Along with the highest Hungarian accolades like the Kossuth-Prize, he was awarded the Silver Bear from Berlin, the International Critics’ Prize from Cannes, the Silver Hugo from Chicago or the Critics’ Prize from Karlovy Vary, just to name a few.