Brain & Storm & Co.

It is a circle of intellectuals contributing to the studio’s activities, and strategy by its way of thinking, advice, and discussions. There is just one rule: they should not be filmmakers! Thus, the team consists of journalists, writers, a university teacher and DJ, and a television professional.

Tibor Bakács, the Sneaker

I used to say to the Miskolc[1] hoodlums that I was born in Várpalota[2], i.e. subsequent to a tough childhood, also including flops and any imaginable meanness a teacher is capable of towards a kid, I finally got my diploma in history, literature, and aesthetics. Then I was a postgraduate student of semiotics, studied law and theology. Because of ’89 I still didn’t become a scholar, but jointly with my friends founded the Hungarian Orange[3], the Prohibited Radio[4], WANTED[5], and the MEDIA WAVE[6] of Győr. I also worked for ÉS[7], and ELLE, and I was the editor-in-chief the magazine of WESTEL. During that time I thought that Hungarian film criticism is something existing, and acted accordingly until I figured out the truth about time and tide wait for no man. Thus I changed sides quite a while ago, and I have been working for Hunnia as a consultant.

[1] Industrial city in northern Hungary
[2] City 90 km from Budapest
[3] Founded in 1989, as the weekly of FIDESZ, the then alternative, radical young democrats, the magazine has become an independent and critical newspaper since 1992
[4] An alternative radio station
[5] A website looking for and publishing stories and photos about authorities’ violating the law
[6] International film and music festival
[7] ÉS – Life and Literature, a renowned literary weekly in Hungary

Krisztián Grecsó

I was born in 1976 in Szegvár, a tiny village in the county of Csongrád. That’s the place where I spent the first fourteen years of my life in splendid isolation. I graduated at the János Batsányi Secondary School of Csongrád, and managed to abolish two institutions of higher education. Following my studies, the Sándor Körösi-Csoma College of Békéscsaba simply vanished from the face of the earth. The Attila József University still exists, under a different name, though. I’m living in Budapest, in the district, Zugló, and as nowadays the loafers are called, I’m a free lance writer, further I’m the Budapest driven edge of the magazine Ark of Békéscsaba, and the screenplay writer of Hunnia Film Studio. I’m married and a registered VAT-payer.


  • Attila Gérecz Prize (1996, for the Best First Book of Poetry of the Year)
  • Soros Artist Award (1998, category of reportage)
  • Zsigmond Móricz Scholarship (1999)
  • Artist’s Scholarship of the National Cultural Fund (2001)
  • István Örkény Scholarship (2002)
  • Faludy Prize (2002)
  • Sándor Bródy Award (2002, for the Best First Prose Book of the Year)
  • Artist’s Scholarship of the National Cultural Fund (2003)
  • Tibor Déry Prize (2004)
  • Attila József Award (2006)

Péter Herman

I’m Pierre, although not registered under this name, but nevertheless this is how people call me. I got this name from my French teacher at one of my secondary schools; I attended three within four years.
The university part was already easier. I graduated from the Theatre and Film Academy, subsequently I studied at FEMIS in Paris for a year, and finally I took up psychology, but never finished my studies. By that time I stopped hesitating, and became sure: it’s gonna be film and TV I want to work for.
The usual stuff of “making career”: The Hungarian Film Studios, where I was initially second, then first assistant to the director, followed by small, medium, and big TV, at present mainly RTL Klub, I’m its creative boss. Besides I keep supporting the team of Hunnia, publishing books, and have started up an Internet enterprise. That’s it so far. Other stuff will follow...

András Szekér

I used to be a theatre dramatist under the name of András Vend, the language editor of Pannónia Dubbing Studio, later its translator under the name of András Bajkon, projectionist of the movie theatre Tanács (its name too has changed, it’s called, Szinbád now). I worked for quite a number of theatres: in the cities Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, Miskolc, and at Madách and Attila József Theatre in Budapest, while writing the script of the pseudo documentary The True Mao (1995). My three daughters born in the mid- and late eighties have completely changed my life. I quit my job (this time the Zsigmond Móricz Theatre in Nyíregyháza), and in the one and a half decades to follow I was raising the kids, and any other job I considered as second priority. This period came to an end too, and in 2000 I returned to my original professions, working as a theatre dramatist, and writing screenplays again.
Hobbies: cooking, football, playing guitar.

Péter Szira

A former taxi driver, newsboy, illegally working dishwasher, waiter, bar tender, assistant jointer, arena worker, electrician in the film studios, part time golf trainer, person in charge of the socialist workers’ competition, store- and supply-man, proof-reader, journalist, (Hungarian Youth, The Plumber News, Youngsters’ Magazine, Today, Courier, Europe, MOL Magazine, Scrolling Pictures – and even lower). At present reading editor and art critics’ columnist of Life and Literature, and program-maker of Prohibited Radio. Once he wanted to become a Hungarian writer – this whish of his is postponed right now.
Hobby: written word, women (jointly and also separately).
Awards: Fininvest Award (1992), Benamy Award (1994).
What he is proud of: kids, family, ÉS, Hunnia, and Tilos.

Gábor Vályi

Assistant professor of media and cultural research at the Technical University, Budapest, a night club DJ, a journalist working also as a music critic for Life and Literature, member of the Board of Prohibited Radio and one of the hosts of the eclectic music programme, Hidden Spots, sometimes a self-appointed board member, a self-made-cultural historian musing over reminiscent and remote memories in music shops, a music junkie once in a while fiddling about non-instrumental music based on musical patterns, a private disc collector and parrot tamer. Besides all these he is proud of having the opportunity to continue as a true outsider of the film industry his machinations in Hunnia Film Studio’s Brain & Storm & Co. for the realization of better Hungarian films.

As a member of Brain & Storm & Co. – misinterpreting the words of Waszlavik, the Crook – he hereby sends filmmakers poised to bring about the new golden era of domestic filmmaking the below message:

"Come on, buddy, join in fiddling films!
Come and make pictures rolling quick!
Don’t hesitate to give me your script,
‘Cause I can’t wait trimming it!"