Budapest Tales

Through the revival and adventurous journey of an old street car wreck, the allegoric pictures of thirty years of post-war Budapest history are revealed. A few people lingering on the Danube river bank find the wreck of an overturned street car. With great effort, they manage to put it back on its tracks and spruce it up, but it hasn’t got an electricity supply. This is why they start to push the street car towards the safety of the depot. Ever more people join the “procession” to participate in the common effort – old and young, good and wicked, enthusiastic and selfish, demagogues and democrats. They fight bloody and savage battles for the control of the street car during the journey, but the car keeps rolling on.

Director: István Szabó
Screenplay: István Szabó
Dramaturg: Luca Karall
D.O.P.: Sándor Sára
Editor: János Rózsa
Music: Zdenkó Tamássy
Sound: György Pintér
Art Director: József Romvári
Costume Designer: Fanny Kemenes
Still Photo: Emma Réger
Production Manager: Lajos Óvári, András Ozorai
Head of Studio: Miklós Köllő

Cast: András Bálint, Ági Mészáros, Franciszek Pieczka, Károly Kovács, Gábor Mádi Szabó, Szymon Szurmiej, Zoltán Gera, Rita Békés, József Madarass, Ildikó Bánsági, Maja Komorowska, Zoltán Huszárik, Vilmos Kún

1977, Hungarian feature film, color, 89 minutes, 35 mm