Pál Sándor: Noah’s Ark

A block of flats in Budapest – Noah’s Ark. An old man, Ede Stock (Dezső Garas) raising his grandchild all by himself. A friendship – of many decades – with Aurél Tálas (Ferenc Kállai) who hasn’t stepped out of the house for 15 years. And a TV show where the country’s best grandpa can win 5 million forints.

Stock signs up, and the tenants of the house who have hated each other, prepare the old man for the show. Unnoticed, human relations develop. Unnoticed – for the sake of the mutual goal – hatred ceases, and the house becomes a community.
And Stock wins the 5 million.
And Stock’s wish of many decades comes true. He rides away on a Harley Davidson into infinity, with his eternal friend, Aurél Tálas.

Director: Pál Sándor
Screenplay: Zsuzsa Tóth
D.O.P.1: Gábor Szabó
D.O.P.2: Gábor Marosi
Music: Yonderboi
Editor: Mari Miklós
Sound: Róbert Juhász
Costume Designer: János Breckl
Still Photo: Adrienn Szabó
Line Producers: Andrea Kormos, Erika Tarr
Producer: Pál Sándor
Co-producer: RTL Klub, Mafilm Rt.
Produced by: Hunna Film Studio

Cast: Dezső Garas, Angéla Stefanovics, Ferenc Kállai, Mari Törőcsik, András Szőke, Sándor Badár, Győző Szabó, Péter Vida, Kata Bartsch, Attila Rónai, Irén Bordán, Tamás Jordán, Marika Oszwald, Zolee Ganxsta, Csaba Pindroch, Linda Verebes, Róbert Alföldi, Györgyi Kari, Mari Kiss, József Szarvas

2007, Hungarian feature film, color, 104 min, 35 mm




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