Csaba Szekeres, John Oates: Three Children Three Futures

"I’ll tear your nails off!” This is what a four-year-old kid furiously said to its brother of 17 when the older one wouldn’t let him throw his school books about. There is no tact, no exchange of significant glances, and no frantic laughter about this gesture. The only thing that exists is nihilism – the sad disappearance of playfulness. This is how our involvement in the film Three Children Three Futures started. The word “involvement” might not be appropriate at this point, but it is a stronger and deeper relationship than just the professional commitment to a production’s principal photography. The film, which was shot in Pécs, Zákány, and Mezősas follows up the destinies, futures, and opportunities of three children and their families. It aims to give audiences an insight into the physical and mental development of children living in different circumstances, and to show how the development of children’s futures is determined by at nursery school age.

Director: Csaba Szekeres
D.O.P.: Csaba Szekeres
Editor: Sándor Kiss
Creative Producer: John Oates
Producer: Pál Sándor
Production Company: Hunnia Filmstudio on assignment of The Open University (GB)

2009, Hungarian documentary, colour, HD


Csaba Szekeres, John Oates: Vortex

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