József Pacskovszky: True Death

Based on István Örkény’s short novel

The short novel of István Örkény is not just about death, rather about life. About the advantages another person’s death might bring for different people. What sort of twists the soul, character and morals go through – when someone’s passing away is possibly resulting in huge advantages for the living.

Things preceding, going together with and following the process of dying makes the story’s surface. Things happening and whirling in the psyche make the depth of the story. This television film is about life struggling for better conditions and predominance ending up in death.

Living with her mother in a tiny apartment, Mrs. Mikó, who is dying, has to put up a suspiciously gipsy-looking family, so that somebody would take care of her nearly blind mother after she is gone.

Considering himself a second rate performer, the former TV star, J. Nagy, wishes to create something eternal by his death.

Director Áron Korom has got the chance to shoot a documentary about death. He is obsessed with making a true, complete and in every respect exact film in the hope for a better life, future and carrier. There is no sensibility, just professionalism. Even the death of the protagonists is about some sort of meeting expectations.

Director: József Pacskovszky
Writer: István Örkény
D.O.P.: Sándor Kardos
Editor: Anna Kornis
Sound: Ottó Oláh
Costume, Set: Mária Bozóki
Mask: Magdolna Márta
Production Manager: Zsolt Valkony
Producer: Pál Sándor
Produced by: Hunnia Filmstudio

Cast: Tamás Jordán, Piroska Molnár, Kornél Mundruczó, Anita Tóth, Anna Györgyi, Tibor Gáspár, Dani Gábor, György Gazsó, Gabriella Fon, Mrs. Terike Jónás, Lajos Tándor, Sándor Tóth, György Báron, Gergely Bikácsi, Teréz Rudolf, Hermina Fátyol

2007, Hungarian television film, color, 55