But Who Are Those Lumnitzer Sisters?

The two protagonists of the film, Olivér and Ficskó, are committed gastronomy critics passionately striving for the honor and outstanding quality of cookery. They keep lashing the bunglers and hawkers of the industry. The annoyed restaurant owners vow vengeance against them. They hire Milica, the snappy and fiery young manager girl to find out who The Lumnitzer Sisters – publishing their articles under a pseudonym – actually are. The annoyed restaurant owners ask Milica to render the two critics harmless, either by just bribing or enchanting them with her charm or at the very worst to kill them. The fierce battle between the Lumnitzer Sisters and Milica commences. This very special military operation creates quite a number of amusing situations and lots of great laugh.

Director: Péter Bacsó
Screenplay: Péter Bacsó
D.O.P.: Tamás Andor, Zsolt Tóth
Narrator: Zsolt László
Music: György Vukán
Singing: Charlie
Editor: Mari Miklós
Sound: Róbert Juhász
Art Director: Imre Czédly
Costume Designer: János Breckl
Fotó: Tamás Kende
Still Photo: Tamás Kende
Line Producer: Andrea Kormos
Producer: Pál Sándor, Dénes Szekeres
Produced by: Hunnia Film Studio, Tivoli-Filmproduction, VITHire Belgrade (Serbia-Montenegro), Mafilm Rt.

Cast: Róbert Alföldi, Péter Rudolf, Barbara Hegyi, Dorottya Udvaros, Győző Szabó

2006, Hungarian feature film, color, 103 min, 35 mm