See You in Space!

Pacskovszky’s recent film is a kind of continuation in the flow of his previous works, Our Love and The Color of Happiness. The series of stories taking place between the stars and the Earth is presented in a powerful and colorful visual world. Is it a lyric, a grotesque or an ironic film? Well, it is a bit of all of these, to the same extent our world is...

Human fates in Heaven and on Earth. A Russian astronomer, a Russian rope dancer and an Italian illusionist. An old man with his ear cut off and a hairdresser. A black girl and a microbiologist. A murderer and a criminal psychologist. Budapest, Moscow, Rome.

Director: József Pacskovszky
Screenplay: József Pacskovszky, Pál Sándor, Francisco Gózon
D.O.P.: Francisco Gózon
Editor: Gabriella Koncz
Sound: György Kovács
Art Director: Imre Czédly
Costume Designer: Fruzsina Nagy
Still Photo: Judit Szlovák
Line Producer: Andrea Kormos
Co-producers: Palomar S.p.a. – Róma, 21st Century DreamQuest Films Ltd. – Toronto, MTV Rt., FilmArt
Producer: Pál Sándor

Cast: Natalia Szeliversztova, Dimitrij Pavlenko, Marco Bonini, Ildikó Tóth, Zsolt László, Nicolett Fosu, Csaba Pindroch, Ferenc Kállai, Eszter Balla, Anna Györgyi, Krisztina Csopej, Konsztantin Konov

2005, Hungarian feature film, color, 91 minutes, 35 mm

  • Hungarian Feature Film Festival – 2005: Prize for the Best Screenplay to József Pacskovszky, Pál Sándor, Francisco Gózon