Clown on the Wall

Three teenage boys find shelter from the rain in an empty house at Lake Balaton. Unexpectedly, the owners return, but only two of the boys are able two escape. Kiki gets stuck in the larder. There is a fierce storm outside, and while he is waiting for his chance to escape, pictures of his memory and stream of consciousness keep flashing in his mind: His first date, the first revolt against the strict authority of the adult world, the attempts to shock grown-ups, hitch hiking, great reunions and sad farewells: confrontation with the real life of adults. In the morning, Kiki’s friends return to pick him up, and the three indulge again in probably their last undisturbed vacation.

Director: Pál Sándor
Screenplay: Pál Sándor, Zsuzsa Tóth
Dramaturg: Zsuzsa Bíró
D.O.P.: János Zsombolyai
Editor: Éva Kármentő
Music: Zdenkó Tamássy
Sound: Károly Peller
Art Director: László Duba
Costume Designer: Vera Nádor
Still Photo: Egon Endrényi
Production Manager: József Bajusz
Head of Studio: János Herskó

Cast: Gábor Ferenczi, Balázs Tardy, Miklós Szurdi, Vera Venczel, Ildikó Szabó

1968, Hungarian feature film, black and white, 82 minutes, 35 mm

  • 1968 – Hungarian Feature Film Festival: The Jury’s Prize for Camera Work
  • Chicago: Award for the Best Youth Film
  • Karlovy Vary: Grand Prix of the Jury for the Screenplay, Certificate of the Technical Jury
  • Pécs 4th Film Festival: Award for Cinematographer, János Zsombolyai
  • 1969 – Hungarian Film Critics’ Award for Cinematographer, János Zsombolyai
  • Phon Penh: Cerificate