Narcissus and Psyche

The film is a romantic vision of love, of the reckless search for one’s identity and for new experiences – a vision of unfulfilled passion, of desire and human integrity. The story of Psyche, Erzsébet Lónyay and Narcissus, László Ungvárnémeti Tóth, drifts over the historic period of hundred years between 1813 and 1914, during which the protagonists do not grow a second older. In the battle between history and the soul, a tortured, loving and destructive third character, Baron Zedlitz, appears. Coupled with individual dramaturgy and experimental methods, the film tells the story of past times, of the psyche and love placing the mytologic topic into a strange visual world. “The astonishing effects, the rich, baroque, visual world of Psyche represent even today a unique experiment in Hungarian film making. Some critics compare the Hungarian director’s work to that of Peter Greenaway: the adventures in philosophy and art history clad into a visual orgy are in fact features which the two filmmakers have in common.” (Viktor Kubyszin)

Director: Gábor Bódy
Writer: Sándor Weöres (Psyché, narrative poem)
Screenplay: Gábor Bódy, Vilmos Csaplár
Dramaturg: Vera Varga
D.O.P.: István Hildebrand
Editor: Gábor Bódy
Music: László Vidovszky
Sound: István Sipos
Art Director: Gábor Bachmann
Costume Designer: Erzsébet Mialkovszky, Gizella Koppány
Still Photo: Gyula Szóvári
Production Manager: István Fogarasi
Head of Studio: Miklós Köllő

Cast: Patricia Adriani – Erzsébet Kútvölgyi, Udo Kier – György Cserhalmi – Dezső Garas, Ágnes Horváth, Éva Tóth, Dénes Újlaki, János Derzsi, Ingrid Caven, Zoltán Gera, Gáspár Ferdinándy, Nicole Coren, Gyula Hornyánszky, Ferenc Jánossy, Gábor Karig, András Péter, Miklós Erdély, Károly Újlaki, Hunor Bucz, Sándor Erdélyi, Mihály Hoppál, János Pilinszky

1980, Hungarian feature film, color, 217 minutes, 35 mm
Original television version: 305 minutes

  • 1981 – Hungarian Feature Film Festival: Special Prize for Director, Gábor Bódy
  • Locarno: Bronze Leopard
  • Figuera da Foz: Prize of the CIDALC Jury