Géza Bereményi: Literature

A 20 year old writer, an upcoming literary talent spends his days sitting at his typewriter, feverishly searching for a topic for his novel.  All of a sudden it comes to him: he should write about an undercover spy in Budapest.
He immediately starts working, and the spy-story comes alive in the film. The imaginary episodes move along at a promising pace, though the writer must slip back to reality now and then. His dying grandmother keeps calling out for him from the other room yelling for lunch, and then his mother gets home from work at night. Sometimes strange visitors too, show up from the street, as it usually happens in every-day life. And then, following his imagination, the writer entwines one by one those real characters of his life into the story as the novel’s plot develops. The real hero of both worlds is the old woman, the terminally ill grandmother, who in her last hours imparts valuable life-lessons to his grandson, lost in his own literary world.

Director: Géza Bereményi
Writer: Géza Bereményi
D.O.P.: Sándor Kardos
Music: Horváth Károly
Editor: Mari Miklós
Sound: Attila Madaras
Production Designer: Péter Varga
Costume: Tímea Luzsi
Make-up: Magdolna Márta
Production Manager: Zsolt Valkony
Producer: Pál Sándor
Production Company: Hunnia Filmstudio
Co-Producer: MTV Zrt.

Cast: Mari Törőcsik, Illés Horváth, Juli Nyakó, Sándor Gáspár, Orsolya Holecskó

2008, Hungarian television film, Digibeta